Thursday, January 29, 2009

Same Old Shit

Well, the Republicans are pulling the same old shit. Not one House Republican voted for the economic stimulus package. Even after President Obama (I LOVE writing that!) reached out to Republicans and even after Democrats took out what seemed to be the parts of the bill that the Republicans hated the most (family planning and the Washington mall work), the Republicans did what they always do. They are obstructionist and sheep. Not one could think or act on their own to do what's right for the country. Most economists agree that swift and bold action needs to be taken to help this economy that is in a steep downturn. But the Republicans keep harping on tax cuts as being the only solution. Isn't that what was done under the Bush administration? It didn't work so well, did it? It's about job creation so that people have jobs so that people can spend money so that businesses can do well. Connect the dots, people!

I think what the Democrats should take away from this is there is no point to attempting compromise or bi-partisanship. They have the votes in the House and should just do what they want and not worry about appeasing these soulless Republicans, who in the words of Rush Limbaugh, probably want Obama to fail so that they can win elections in 2010.

Same. Old. Shit.


ElisaC said...

Yup, Dems should get shit done, see it work, and let the Repugs try to shoot down effective leadership if they dare!

Cristina said...