Friday, August 31, 2012

This Election Is Extremely Important If You Believe...

The upcoming election is extremely important if you believe any of the following:
  • Women should have reproductive rights and control over their own bodies
  • Planned Parenthood provides valuable health care services, including breast cancer screening, and should not be attacked and defunded
  • Austerity and tax cuts for the wealthy do not create jobs (see Bush years)
  • Investment in education is vitally important to ensure that the US remains a world leader going forward
  • Health care should be accessible and affordable for all
  • Medicare is a successful program that should not be destroyed and replaced with a voucher program that will cost seniors way more
  • Social Security is a program that has worked for years and is actually solvent for many years to come
  • Corporations are NOT people and should not get to pour unlimited money into political campaigns
  • Marriage equality is this generation's important civil rights issue
  • Global warming is real and needs to be addressed
  • Ending the war in Iraq was the right thing to do
Mitt Romney has been out-fundraising President Obama for several months now, and this doesn't even count the Super PACs that Romney's wealthy billionaire donors have been supporting. I started my own grassroots fundraising page to build the kind of grassroots organization that will be needed for President Obama to win in November. I want my page to show that political power can come from organizing at the grassroots level all over the country, not just powerful interests in Washington. Together we can protect the progress we've made, and build on that progress over the next four years.
Will you please support the President by making a donation of $5 or more to my page today?

Thank you for reading this message and hopefully considering donating to President Obama's campaign.