Friday, July 3, 2009

Palin Going REALLY Rogue!

So Sarah Palin announced today that she will stepping down as Governor of Alaska by the end of the month. What exactly is she thinking? I guess there are numerous possibilities. Among them:

1. Is she stepping down in order to focus on a 2012 Presidential bid? If this is the case, it seems like it will backfire. One of the big criticisms of her during the 2008 campaign was her lack of experience. Now, without even a full term as Governor to her credit, this will remain a huge gap. Furthermore, no one wants a quitter! Seriously, I don't even think she would carry her own home state. If I were an Alaskan that voted her into office, I would be pretty pissed!

2. Is she really just tired of the political scene? Somehow, even though that is what I hope, I just don't think that's the case. She seems much too enamored of the power and the attention.

3. Is there some scandal about to break that she is trying to avoid? This may be plausible. Apparently, there are rumblings that she is being investigated for even more ethics issues.

4. Does she just want to cash in by writing her book, getting paid speaking engagements and not have to worry about, you know, governing and stuff? I think this may just be the answer. She may have decided she can have a lot more fun and make a lot more money if she has the freedom to do what she wants and not constantly be criticized for not doing her actual job that she was elected to do.

Whatever the reason, I think she has once again demonstrated herself not to be a serious candidate for any sort of national office. No matter how Bill Kristol or Mary Matalin attempt to spin this, it is not "shrewd", it is not "brilliant", it's irresponsible, selfish and fickle.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, number 3 seems plausible too. That some people think it's genious is what really scares me.