Monday, June 1, 2009

The Cold-Blooded Murder of a Doctor - Even Scarier Than You Might Think

Please read this post about how the murder of Dr. Tiller may have even broader implications. Cristina Page analyzes anti-abortion violence during the Clinton and Bush Administrations and concludes that this may just be the beginning. Scary stuff. The really sad thing is that there are only a handful of doctors/clinics even willing to perform late-term abortions. And these are tragic situations, typically related to catastrophic health issues. It's pretty amazing that in a country like ours, physical intimidation can be used in this way -- to eliminate a woman's right to a medical procedure that is LEGAL.

Cristina Page: The Murder of Dr. Tiller, a Foreshadowing

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ElisaC said...

OK, this is totally off-topic, but every time I see Cristina Page's name it gives me pause, since your name is Cristina and my last name is Page :)

Monica said...

This is a very important topic. I think what is missing from all the discussions is some listing of the reasons women have abortions at that stage. I gather those statistics are difficult to come by, but there must be more detail available, including risk of death for the women, great harm to their health and ability to function normally, and dire situation of the baby, either in the womb or immediately following birth. The latter situations usually cause great pain for the baby.

Cristina said...

Yes, it definitely is not "casual reasons" as conservative pundits so love to say. I heard a woman on the radio who deals with these issues. She said it is always a catastrophic situation. One example she gave is discovery of cancer and need for immediate chemotherapy.