Sunday, April 19, 2009

Random Thoughts - From Pirates to Teabaggers

So much going on and so little time to blog. Here are some of my thoughts over the last week:

- Is it wrong to feel so pumped that we took out those three pirates? I had this surge of American pride. We kick ASS! I feel somewhat guilty for feeling this way as I wonder if this is what the neocons felt after bombing the shit out of Iraq. I know that it's a totally different situation. We took out three truly bad guys who were about to kill the ship's captain...but still.
- Speaking of the pirate situation, how hilarious has it been watching Republicans twisting themselves up in knots trying to figure out a way to criticize President Obama for how this perfectly resolved situation was handled?
- You must watch Stephen Colbert's parody of an anti-gay marriage commercial. My favorite part is when the teacher is hit by the gay storm.
- April 15th was Tax Day, and although I certainly wasn't happy about the check I wrote to the IRS, I really don't begrudge contributing to this great nation, including our defense, education, helping those in need, the whole thing. The teabaggers need to get a grip. It is Bush who got us into this mess necessitating the large stimulus bill and bailouts. And of course, Fox News Channel heavily publicized and pushed the event while trying to say it was a "grassroots" movement. Since when is it appropriate for a "news" channel to sponsor a protest? I just don't understand how they get away with it.

Overall, I think President Obama is doing an amazing job, and the Republicans just can't wrap their minds around being in the minority.


ElisaC said...

OK, I am now going to have Team America's song, "America...Fuck Yeah!" in my head all DAY. Thanks. No really :)

And yes: Where were all these protests over the last eight years. So transparent. Good luck to them.

Cristina said...

I never saw Team America. I'm going to have to check it out!