Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Caroline Kennedy's Bid for Senate

When I first read that Caroline Kennedy was seeking the New York Senate seat left vacant by Hillary Clinton's appointment to Secretary of State, I thought it was a nice idea. Although I don't know much about her, as part of the Kennedy clan, one can be assured that she has Democratic cred and I liked that she was a woman. However, I was a bit peeved with her endorsement of Barack Obama over Hillary Clinton during the primary. Remember, I was a Hillary supporter (but fully on the Obama bandwagon now!). As time has gone on, my enthusiasm has faded. I have this vague sensation that she has a sense of entitlement, that she may not be qualified, that her overt campaigning is somehow unseemly, that it isn't fair that she has never run for office but may, by virtue of her name, be appointed to one of the highest offices in the country.

Why has this shift in my opinion taken place? Is it due to media influence, subtle sexism in the reporting and opining on this issue? Even the New York Times and certain Huffington Post bloggers have been less than supportive. For example, there is the story about how she won't disclose her finances. In reality, only media outlets have asked for her to. I can certainly understand her unwillingness to provide this information just because a newspaper asked her to. Now, if she refuses a request from Governor Paterson, that would be a story.

Or is it just further reflection on my part? It's hard to say. As I write this and think about the end result, I am sure she would be a great Senator with positions similar to mine. I suppose politics has always been about who you know and being part of the good old boys network. Why not give a woman this same opportunity? If appointed, she will still have to run in the 2010 election to retain the seat, so she will have to prove herself very quickly.

So, I have now come full circle and would like to see Caroline Kennedy appointed to fill Hillary Clinton's vacant Senate seat.

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